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High, medium and low melt processing characteristics combined with premium physical properties


Deltech Polymers Company

Deltech Polymers Corporation was formed as a Deltech Corporation affiliated company in 1991 to produce crystal polystyrene at a faciltiy in Troy, Ohio. Deltech Polymers has established a reputation as a dependable supplier of a range of general purpose crystal polystyrene products. Product sales, technical service and operations management are organized to provide customers the combination of products and services needed to satisfy their requirements.

Deltech Polymer’s multi-train production facility produces various crystal polystyrene products with high, medium and low melt processing characteristics combined with premium physical properties. Deltech Polymers produces resins with melt flow rates between 1.8 – 18.0 g/10 min for use in molding, compounding, blow molding and extrusion processes. Products made using Deltech Polymer resins exhibit a clarity and gloss that is unsurpassed by competitive materials.

Deltech Polymer resins are supplied in clear or tinted and lubricated or non-lubricated grades for the demanding needs of high-end consumer products. Jewel cases for compact discs, audio cassettes and cassette cases are examples of products produced with Deltech Polymer resins for consumer electronics. In the food service area, disposable cups, plates and cutlery are produced with crystal resins while foam plates and hinged food containers can be produced after adding a blowing agent to the resin. Other applications are as diverse as medical device molding, pharmaceutical packaging, polystyrene insulation board and loose fill packing materials.

The Deltech Polymers facility is centrally located in Troy, OH with connection to rail and highway transport systems. Product can be shipped in railcar, bulk truck or 1,000 pound boxes. The Troy location is efficiently organized to provide product customization at lower volumes and with quicker response times than other producers of polystyrene resins. Deltech Polymers is committed to supplying the polystyrene industry and to supporting processors of polystyrene.

Deltech Polymers also produces styrene acrylic (SMMA) copolymer resin products at the Troy facility. Styrylic is the trade name assigned to these products. Two grades of Styrylic resin are presently available. Applications where Styrylic resins should be considered include those where straight acrylic or clear SAN may not provide the ease of processing or chemical resistance desired in the finished product. When blended with block copolymers, Styrylic resins can provide the balance of rigidity, surface characteristics and temperature performance required while maintaining clarity.
Deltech Polymers operates a continuous pilot plant on-site to provide a small-scale unit that simulates plant conditions to test new polystyrene grades or develop new resin products. Other specialty polymer products are presently undergoing preliminary testing. Inquiries for development or testing of new products are invited.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:   (800) 245-3150

Our Partners

Produces alkyd coating resins, specialty coating resins and unsaturated polyester resins at our facility in the UK.

Produces enhanced performance aromatic monomers including para-methylstyrene (PMS), vinyltoluene (VT) and tertiary-butylstyrene (TBS) at our manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Deltech Corp. also produces the reactive monomer divinylbenzene (DVB) and other specialty at the Baton Rouge site.

Produces solvent-based resins for the paint and coating industries, as well as water-based coating resins and unsaturated polyester resin systems.

Deltech Asia

Distributes Deltech specialty monomers from a sales office in Shanghai, PRC.

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Plant Contact: Dan Raher

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Mailing Address:
1250 South Union Street
Troy, OH 45373